The Results

One of our knowledgeable, friendly counselors will guide you through the testing process and give you the results of your rapid HIV test just 20-30 minutes after you finish the testing procedure. STD and NAAT results are available after 7 business days.

When And How Will I Learn the Results?

Your counselor will share your rapid HIV test results with you in just 20-30 minutes. Results from your STD tests and from the NAAT will be available after 7 business days.

If you test positive for an STD, we’ll notify you via telephone; you’re also welcome to call in for your results.

We don’t ever disclose HIV test results over the phone, so to learn the results of the NAAT, just return to the location where you were tested after 7 business days.

How Reliable Are the Results?
We use the most accurate tests available, which have an accuracy rate greater than 99%.
What If I Test Positive for HIV?

HIV is a chronic, life-changing condition, but it is manageable with quality medical care, and there are resources to help you.

If the test reveals an HIV infection, our HIV testing counselors will help you understand the implications of living with HIV and tell you about valuable resources at the Center, including these free and low-cost services:

• Leading-edge HIV medical care at our Jeffrey Goodman Special Care Clinic

• Individual and group counseling

• Support qualifying for financial assistance

• Support and social groups

• A full-service pharmacy

What If I Test Positive for STDs?
If you have symptoms of a sexually transmitted disease, we can provide medicine the same day as your visit. If you have no symptoms but test positive for an STD, you’ll receive a call and will need to return to receive treatment medication.